In these last science sessions, the concept of matter and energy was studied; what is living and lifeless matter, the changes in the matter that surrounds us and why this happens.

We discovered the difference between living and lifeless matter, and water is a type of lifeless matter which not only undergoes different changes of state, but is also used to provide energy.

That’s the reason why we whales wanted to observe and experiment directly with water and observe how it can transform into different textures.

First, we took three little containers where we introduced some ice, hot water and cold water in each of them, and we verbalized what it could happen if we put the ice in both waters with different temperatures.

Our hypotheses were confirmed… the ice melted faster when we got it in hot water container! We observed how it changed from a solid to a liquid state and Paola showed us an example of how rains is generated when liquid water evaporates and rises to the sky.

In another way, we have also observed how the ice gradually changed colour, going from a more opaque tone to a more transparent one. We introduced a few drops of food colouring into the liquid water and then we put it in the freezer to check whether the colour tones would be the same in frozen or liquid state, as well as its evaporation process.

It was a very enjoyable experience and we really liked it.

Alumnos/as de 3 años.