The other day the whales were recalling and commenting on the visit at the botanical garden: all the trees, plants and flowers that we observed and touched. We came to a conclusion that at our school we are lucky to have a garden full of trees, plants and flowers. So, in the science session we went to explore all the plants and trees we could find.

Since we are good explorers, we took our backpack, some magnifying glasses, scissors and our map, which was guiding us all the way through the places and paths at school where we were able to find trees and plants.

Did you know that plants need air, water, soil and the sun to live?

During our walk we have learned that plants are living beings because they are born, they grow, reproduce and die just like us; that we have to take care of them and that the more love we give them and the more we feed them, the more fruit they will bear.

We have been able to observe and manipulate the leaves from different trees, their texture, size and shape. Also, we have discovered that before the leaves fall from the trees, they dry out and turn brown.

After looking at all these plants very closely, what their leaves are like or what fruits or flowers they produce, we have collected some of them and we have carried out a classification in the classroom in order to prepare a new game for our porch; the heuristic game.

Alumnos/as de 3 años.